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Dear readers
Today we would like to introduce our project in more detail.

But first some information
The homepage is slowly getting ready, but unfortunately we still need some time to complete it.

Point of Difference is an NGO that has set itself the goal of bringing medical aid to where it is needed.
In order to create an appealing homepage for this, we also have to make sure that everything looks nice.

We have also already helped to set up a donation platform, which now needs a few finishing touches to make it work.

You’re probably familiar with the situation where you build something or write something and then it doesn’t work.

That’s exactly how it is with us.
But we are very confident that it will work soon.

As it is now summertime and some people are on vacation, we are still understaffed when it comes to answering emails.

We hope for your understanding.

Tomorrow there will also be a detailed list of what the SPIRIT of HOPE will look like.
We look forward to sharing this with you.

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